Producteev – Your To-Dos Everywhere You Are

Searching for the latest and greatest tool to be productive? Well, good luck with that Charlie Brown. Producteev is a tool that I ran across over the last 30 days that has seemed to fit into the way I interact online. I have tried them all pretty much and thus far I have felt this has been the easiest to “use”.

I mainly use Chrome as my browser so not only can I easily login from any new tab I open, I can choose to login via Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo, and Google Apps. If you’re already logged into Gmail, then it is simple as selecting the icon from your new tab window. I suggest visiting the Chrome Web Store to get the application for Chrome.  [Read more…]

EVERNOTE – Man’s New Best Friend

EvernoteRemember everything. Capture anything. Access anywhere. Find things fast.
Just when you thought that man’s best friend would always be his trusty dog… well welcome the elephant in the room. They are cuddly, big, and if you make them mad they will squash you like an ant. I mean.. I am just saying.

Evernote has been a wonderful tool that I stumbled across last year. It allows me to clip portions of a page, the whole page, and make basic notes. Evernote offers a free account and a paid version for about $45-50 a year which allows for more storage. Honestly… the free account will suit you well in the mean time. [Read more…]