What is Social Media Kansas City?

Social Media is connecting with people who don’t know you. Social Media is a pain in the ass. Social Media is the wave of the future and its best to embrace it; not be scared of it. Social Media is overwhelming and entertaining all at once. Social media is people online yesterday and now they are here at this event! I really can’t make this stuff up even if I tried. These are a few statements that others shared with me on camera at The Social Media Club of Johnson County (@SMCJOCO / #SMCJOCO on twitter) launch party on Thursday July 15, 2010 to introduce it’s board members. The event was held at the Aloft Hotel / WXYZ Bar in Overland Park, KS.

As me and my wife mingled are way through the 300 + people who attended while checking in with foursquare, Paul Evans and Sara Paxton were giving out prizes via SMS (thanks to Ruxter Mobile and the sponsors!). I would say that was pretty cool. Even better since I won some tricked out cupcakes from Cupcake a la mode! I guess extra cardio is calling…

Throughout are mingling, while sipping on “Twittertinis”, I kept my Flip HD video camera handy to interview people. I asked them to introduce themselves, say their company name and twitter, and what superhero would they be if they could be one? I believe I surprised many people by asking that question but I thought it was fun! My first question I  asked was, “Social Media is ________” fill in the blank question.You’ll see in the video that we received a ton of different answers. [Read more…]