Tips for Local Marketing And Small Business Owners

Small business owners need to understand how Google+ Local can help gain exposure for your business.  Many businesses fail to realize that the internet is a powerful source of information. Albeit we don’t like it at times and even intimidating to newer users, it is something that most recognize that is important. However, you have to be found in order to drive traffic to your business.  Let us start out by discussing local marketing.

Local marketing is specific. Your first step should be to go to the Google search engine ( and type in the keyword, “Google business solutions.”  The #1 search will take you to the page that deals with setting up a map for your business along with a pleather of resources.  First critical detail is a map that is a free service by the search engine giant in order to help customers find you.  Essentially this is like placing a listing in the yellow pages but it is online.

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Local Marketing insight via Mobile

Doesn’t it seem we’ve heard that the age of mobile marketing is upon us? According to, 30% of mobile users spend an average of about 27 minutes each day text messaging, video chatting, and using the telephone. With the speed of how internet connectivity has propelled our digital age, it is more likely that your mobile device will provide you quick and easy reference to anything you can possibly need. This lead me to think about looking more into local marketing insight via mobile. Can I make you wonder?

Mobile Smart Phones Statistics

Mobile Search Leads To PurchaseSmart phone sales have undoubtedly increased in the market and I’ve personally have felt lost without my smartphone by my side. Since 2010, mobile smartphones sales are up 63% + [Read more…]

2012 Polar Bear Plunge Kansas City

If you’re crazy and you know it, please clap your hands! (clap, clap). On January 28, 2012 around noonish, I participated in the 2012 Polar Bear Plunge out at Shawnee Mission Park/Lake in Shawnee Mission, Kansas. This was my first time ever doing it. I owe a big thanks to my friend Steve Hugunin who has done this the last 6 years. He is a great guy who loves to help others and especially these special causes such as the Special Olympics. The event raised money for that organization.  [Read more…]

Think Locally, Act Locally

Are you trying to find a way to market online? Are you a traditional local business needing to expand online? We all have heard no matter how new you are to any type of marketing concepts this word called “niche”. Sometimes just reading it makes me want to itch in confusion because it gets used quite frequently. This article is short and is intended to initiate some ideas you may have.

What is a niche?

The very definition of niche is that it is relevant to a specific area of interest. An exact definition out of the ol’ dictionary states: “A special area of demand for a product or service”. “Weddings” could be considered a niche, but it’s not a very specific one. “Wedding Cakes” is more of a niche. You probably get the idea that the more detailed you are, people will gain the impression that you will be able to answer their questions. You will gain the trust if your information provides value. It is important to balance the broad range of knowledge you’ve developed to create a great user experience while you develop your niche/information online.

Think LocallyOn whatever topic your niche is in, sometimes being too specific might pigeonhole yourself but at the same time it could answer people’s question like I stated earlier. With the evolution of the internet, many people are searching online for answers. They may need your product/service but if you don’t position yourself online, then you are losing opportunities. It’s best just to get started and dive in. Otherwise, time will go by and nothing has taken place. [Read more…]

Results From Man Of The Year Award

The day had finally arrived and although I was excited I was some what nervous. All it took was someone willing to drop their check book off at the voting table to “pull the votes” during the event. Either way I was runner up for Man of the Year Award here in Kansas City. I won’t tell you different…I was extremely disappointed and that says it LIGHTLY!
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Man Of The Year Contest | Please Vote For Me

When you think of “Man of the Year” you tend to think of someone great and very popular amongst society. What if that “Man of the Year” was someone that wasn’t particularly popular in the sense of a national celebrity? I was nominated as “Man of the Year’ recently and I was very humbled yet I saw it as an opportunity to spread awareness about Niemann-Pick Type C.

Vote for Michael Stults!

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What is Social Media Kansas City?

Social Media is connecting with people who don’t know you. Social Media is a pain in the ass. Social Media is the wave of the future and its best to embrace it; not be scared of it. Social Media is overwhelming and entertaining all at once. Social media is people online yesterday and now they are here at this event! I really can’t make this stuff up even if I tried. These are a few statements that others shared with me on camera at The Social Media Club of Johnson County (@SMCJOCO / #SMCJOCO on twitter) launch party on Thursday July 15, 2010 to introduce it’s board members. The event was held at the Aloft Hotel / WXYZ Bar in Overland Park, KS.

As me and my wife mingled are way through the 300 + people who attended while checking in with foursquare, Paul Evans and Sara Paxton were giving out prizes via SMS (thanks to Ruxter Mobile and the sponsors!). I would say that was pretty cool. Even better since I won some tricked out cupcakes from Cupcake a la mode! I guess extra cardio is calling…

Throughout are mingling, while sipping on “Twittertinis”, I kept my Flip HD video camera handy to interview people. I asked them to introduce themselves, say their company name and twitter, and what superhero would they be if they could be one? I believe I surprised many people by asking that question but I thought it was fun! My first question I  asked was, “Social Media is ________” fill in the blank question.You’ll see in the video that we received a ton of different answers. [Read more…]