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I would venture to say anyone working with WordPress has searched for WordPress Video Tutorials online to help them either understand the process of something or figure out a solution to their problem. This post in my mind is more geared towards new users using the WordPress platform in getting started. Over the years I have considered doing my own WordPress video tutorials but have failed in doing so only because it takes time and I would try to be such a perfectionist. The below videos were created by ithemes who has some outstanding products they offer the wordpress world.

ithemes offers some great products like BackUpBuddy, Display Buddy, ThumpsUp, EmailBuddy, Mobile, and some free plugins. If you choose to purchase any I would recommend BackUpBuddy. It is very intuitive!

WordPress Video Tutorials 101 – What is WordPress

WordPress 101 – The Dashboard

WordPress 101 – Admin Bar

WordPress 101 – Exploring Settings

WordPress 101 – Posts vs. Pages

WordPress 101 – Creating Posts

WordPress 101 – Adding Links

WordPress 101 – Adding Images

WordPress 101 – Formatting Posts

WordPress 101 – Scheduling Posts

WordPress 101 – Categories and Tags

WordPress 101 – Creating A Page

WordPress 101 – Page Templates

WordPress 101 – Child Pages

WordPress 101 – What Is A Plugin

WordPress 101 – Finding Plugins

WordPress 101 – Free Themes

WordPress 101 – Premium Themes

WordPress 101 – Child Themes

WordPress 101 – Custom Menus

WordPress 101 – Comments

WordPress 101 – Creating Users

What next with these WordPress Video Tutorials

There are quite a bit of information listed in these WordPress video Tutorials above but I hope that you can find guidance and direction in using WordPress for your blogging/website needs! If you have any questions you may ask me and I will do my best to help you out! These WordPress Video Tutorials are great and well laid out which is the main reason I decided to make this post on my site.

If you haven’t begun using WordPress you will want to go out and find a good hosting company, research a theme you may want to use (free or paid), and find the best couple of plugins that will make your site function well. Anyways… I can keep going on but I really do enjoy these things! Happy blogging and site building!

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